I am a 20+ year veteran of graphic arts and printing. I earned an A.A.S. degree in Commercial Art and Advertising Design in 1995. I began my first production graphic design job a year before graduation and have since been employed by various printing companies as a prepress technician and production graphic artist. In addition to my software skills I also engineer, by hand, prototypes of books, pocket folders, boxes and custom die-cut products. 
Software: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Acrobat, QuarkXpress, Suitcase, Pitstop, FujiFilm XMF
My use of Photoshop for fine art began over 20 years ago. Using the software in a professional capacity, its tools became more familiar to me than paint and canvas. Without the financial limitations and time constraints of traditional media, a new level of experimentation was opened up to me through Photoshop and my creative evolution excelled.
Media: Photoshop, Scanned and Photographed Images
I built my first website in 1999 with just HTML and Photoshop. As the complexity of websites grew, in 2012, I enrolled in coding classes at my local college. As a professional graphic artist I had already mastered front-end design software and decided to focus on back-end coding and earned a certificate in Database Driven Websites. My specialty is building websites for printing companies. As an expert in print workflow, I offer a more thorough approach to the unique needs of each print shop.
Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, XML
As photography is only a hobby, I consider myself very much an amateur. I enjoy photographing performances of all kinds and nature. I am most passionate about mycological photography and the identification process of fungi.
Equipment: Canon 40D  |  Software: Lightroom, Photoshop
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